Hi Readers! So like I am literally writing this post at 2 in morning.Actually I have this last attempt in august for the last jee mains and as i discussed earlier it really did not went how it was supposed to go.My positive marks marks were taken by my negative marks because there is this policy of a -1 on every wrong attempt.You know I feel helpless.I literally have no motivation left to study anymore and I just think of taking admission into a private institution. But you know the problem is that I literally want to study at Delhi because they have this great research programs and there are very good government oriented universities. I just think that I am very unlucky.My luck isn’t working and I also do not want to wish to drop.My father can afford a private institution for me does not mean that I shouldn’t work hard.I mean my dream college is not gonna give admission on money but on jee mains rank.Well,I just have a last try.Sitting here with least motivation to study after three huge losses.I don’t know what’s gonna happen.The side is just on that ,that I am not gonna get my dream institution but hope to turn the tables.I mean maybe ,no one knows.

I know I feel like a depressing kid but I just wanted to share and yeah also the CBSE results have been out and I scored 83.4. Although,the governing body has said like if I wanna give the exam I can but I think I already am very depressed about other things and I have lost my concentration because of many big losses.So yeah! I just really don’t know if I wanna reappear. Although,I think probably I won’t be but yeah I really don’t know.More talk on CBSE exams later on and also on results.

Hi,I’m Garima.I am a messy person but I try to be tidy.Academically,I love a lot of things like I love engineering,also I love Physics,also I …………………………………………..